Jet Set Tips: My Top 5 Travel Apps

Here are my quick top 5 favorite go to Apps when I have the urge to to Jet Set off to somewhere! Traveling is never cheap, but with the right apps and planning, you can go to a quick getaway with affordable prices. 

1. qapital

First off, before you can Jet Set's smart to have a budget/funds allocated for traveling. My favorite app for saving up for traveling has to be hands down Qapital. It's a free app that allows you to connect to your bank account. You set up different rules in the app such as, you automatically withdraw $25 weekly from your bank into the app, or you automatically withdraw $100 monthly into the app. Other rules include saving a percentage automatically every time you get paid. The round up rule - save the change every time you swipe your card. The spend less rule - you set a budget, and if you're under that budget, it automatically saves the difference. 

If your bank has low funds, the rules will automatically be stopped - so no worries on any over draft fees on this! I personally have a vacation funds and i set up an automatic withdrawal each week. This helps me not think about my cash, and it's nice to open the app up to see $$$ build up for my Fun adventures!



2. Fareness

This app is similar to Hopper and the Google flights calendar. I personally like the layout of this app, because it shows you the calendar of the pricings of each day - this helps you compare on what cheap dates to fly on. This app also has random deals and getaways. If you're bored and want a last minute trip - this app is for you. It has difference deals worldwide and in the USA. 



3. Mapster

Are you a foodie? Or are your friends foodies and travel a lot too? Do they all have these travel lists and you have no idea where to begin once you read these lists??? What I need to do whenever I travel, is to have an itinerary. I do not like to look up each and every individual restaurant and tourist attractions to see how far away they are from each other. Mapstr helps you in this!

It has cute pop up icons of your own food lists, and tourist attractions. The app also can have these restaurants and attractions in a list format, so you can read right in the app the reviews, and how far away it is from you and other attractions. What's cool is that you can add your friends and see what travel lists they have on there too. 



4. PackPoint

With this app, you pick your destinations, reason for the trip, length of stay, type of trip, and much more. Once you do this there is a custom packing list created for you! You're able to modify the number of items, add new items, hide and check items. You're also able to share the list with your travel friends via email or social media. 

Less thinking about what to pack, and more planning on the fun things you will do!




5. Hotel Tonight

This app is for that unfortunate event - if your flight got delayed, long layovers, or an airbnb cancelled on you! Hotel tonight will save you - it's good for last minute hotel deals. The company partners with hotels offering discounts on rooms. There is also 24 hours customer service - so no worries on your end!