Pumpkin Pies and Everything Nice

Sadly pumpkin spiced season is long over, and we are officially in the month of January 2018. Who here misses pumpkin flavored everything? If not, who here just misses pies during the holiday season? I sure do! I found this cute little place called Buttermilk Sky that serves all the pies to your liking. This is great if you want to try different flavors or you do not want the whole pie and you just want to eat a small one all to yourself. 

When I went here it was during the month of December, so the seasonal pies were available at the time. What's great about the place is, they constantly update their flavors for their pies and also have the classic flavors.

Once you enter, the place has a cute coffee shop vibe. 

Once you enter, the place has a cute coffee shop vibe. 

From the top left I got the Coconut Cream Pie, Pumpkin Pie (of course), Chocolate Chess Pie, and the S'mores Pie. My favorite would have to be the S'mores pie and pumpkin pie. You have the option to order these mini pies, the traditional 9 inch pies, or even have them into mini cookies!

I also want to add this place offers pies with ice cream or even milk/coffeee! Writing this post makes me want to pick up some pies this weekend. Happy Pie Eating!